Gear Demos

Early 2013 I decided it was time to reactivate my YouTube channel. I already had a couple of guitar looping videos up I made in ’09/’10, but now I wanted to start uploading on a regular basis. In the last four years I uploaded a lot of new guitar looping videos, gathered over 1.000.000 views and more than 10.000 subscribers. Another thing I started doing was making gear demo videos.

My gear demos consist of a custom made instrumental song featuring as much of what a certain instrument, pedal or amplifier can do in the arrangement. I overdub different parts and try to showcase the sound, features and versatility of a product.

I made videos for companies such as Hughes & Kettner, Duesenberg, Carl Martin, Digitech, Eastman Guitars and Mooer. If your interested in having a demo video made for your product please contact me.