Guitar Looping #3: Exploring the Moog Guitar

Ik heb afgelopen week weer een Guitar Looping video opgenomen. Deze keer speel ik op de Paul Vo Collector Edition Moog Guitar die ik in bruikleen heb gekregen van Amptec.

4 Responses to “Guitar Looping #3: Exploring the Moog Guitar”

  1. Dar says:

    I’ve been around a long time, listening to a lot of music , and I’m very selective , so it’s not that often that something jumps out and commands my attention the way this clip did . This is powerful stuff ; I’d jump right on a whole cd of music like this . It’s a brilliant little piece of work; primal playing and cosmic fx/sound. more, please …


  2. Art Simon says:

    Loved it! (Wish I’d played it) awesome playing, looping and guitar. Thanks!

  3. Rick Walker says:

    Great stuff.

    I wish we could get you to come play at the huge looping festival in October.

    The Y2K-X 10th Anniversary International Live Looping Festival will feature 65 artists from 21 countries in 6 days in 3 cities.

    It’s a world community event and all the artists come without pay to perform (the festival loses money every year).

    If you think taking a vacation between October 13 and 18th sounds like fun, I”ll book you a slot in a heart beat.

    Great stuff, keep it up.

    yours, Rick Walker
    founder Y2K Loop Festivals

  4. Evert says:

    Hi Rick,

    Your festival sounds like a lot of fun. I am visiting the States this fall actually, only a month earlier…

    It would have been nice though!

    Good luck.


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