I’m Still Alive – Tim Akkerman

Today is the official release of Tim Akkerman’s new single “I’m Still Alive”. I co-wrote the song with Tim, played most of the instruments and also produced and mixed it. You can download in on iTunes or listen to it on Spotify.

The Scopia Effect movie score

Yet another collaboration with Moritz Schmittat on the score for the movie The Scopia Effect.

Studio session for Ilse DeLange & JB Meijers

I spent two days in Hollands finest studio Wisseloord to record the music for the upcoming Stage Entertainment musical De Tweeling. The music is written by Ilse DeLange and JB Meijers, best known for their work as the Common Linnets. On the picture you see Ilse, drummer Leon Klaase and pianist/musical director Jeroen Sleyfer.

A Dark Reflection movie score

Another movie score by London based composer Moritz Schmittat I played and recorded the guitar parts for, this time for the movie A Dark Reflection. The Arabic vocals you can hear in the opening song are done by no one less than Khaled.

Tim Akkerman – Wholesome Love

A video for the track Wholesome Love made out of live and behind the scene shots.

The Wider Scope

A video I made using my new Johnny Marr Jaguar.

De Tweeling workshop

I had the pleasure of working with Ilse DeLange and JB Meijers (internationally best known from The Common Linnets) on their music for De Tweeling, a new Stage Entertainment production coming later this year during a week of “workshopping” with the band, cast and creatives.

Channah – Someone

Channah’s latest single:

Tim Akkerman – One Flag

From the album “The Journey”.

Movie score “Trouw met mij”

I recorded all the guitar parts for the score of the Belgian movie “Trouw met mij” or “Marry me” (international version). This included a spacy remake of the Dutch classic “Het is een nacht”, some Arabic music, some nylon string guitars and a pile of sheet music. The music is composed by London based composer Moritz Schmittat.