Duesenberg Guitars

I created and composed two custom video demo’s for Duesenberg Guitars.

Karl Heortweard – Love and Shukla

I got to play guitar on the score for the movie Love and Shukla. Music by Karl Heortweard.

Unchained Melody – Ghost, das Musical

Produced by Arjen Mensinga.

HEBE – Take Him Down

Produced by Jack van de Ven

One Taker documentary

This is a short documentary about the recording of the two One Takers albums for Blinq Music. All the songs were tracked live with the entire band in the live room of the legendary Arnold Muhren Studios in Volendam. I contributed two compositions as well.

Floris Verbeij – Bram’s Dive

I got to play guitar on this beautiful piece in the score for Bram Fischer, An Act of Defiance. Music composed by Floris Verbeij,

Karl Heortweard – Elvis Walks Home

I played guitar on the score for Elvis Walks Home. Music by Karl Heortweard.

HEBE – Tell Me

Produced by Jack van de Ven

My music used in the War of Clans tv commercial

A piece of music I wrote is currently being used in the American tv commercial for Vikings: War of Clans, airing on networks like ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sports and H2!

Tim Akkerman – Broke

Here’s a song I co-wrote, produced and played all of the instruments on by Tim Akkerman.

Evert Z – Driven by Daylight

I released an instrumental EP called Driven by Daylight. Check it out on Spotify or iTunes

Abdullah Alhussainy – Qarrart Aseeb

This was definitely one of the most exciting online collaborations I did recently. It’s a song by Egyptian singer Abdullah Alhussainy produced by Mostafa Negm and it’s the official theme song for the movie ???? ?????? – The Other Land. Produced in Cairo, with strings recorded in Sweden, vocals recorded in Switzerland and guitarparts from [...]

Rokjesdag score

Music by Floris Verbeij

Hallo Bungalow

I recorded the guitar parts for the score to “Hallo Bungalow”, a Dutch movie that’s in cinemas all over the Netherlands now. The music was composed by Floris Verbeij.

I’m Still Alive – Tim Akkerman

Today is the official release of Tim Akkerman’s new single “I’m Still Alive”. I co-wrote the song with Tim, played most of the instruments and also produced and mixed it. You can download in on iTunes or listen to it on Spotify.

The Scopia Effect movie score

Yet another collaboration with Moritz Schmittat on the score for the movie The Scopia Effect.

Studio session for Ilse DeLange & JB Meijers

Studio session for Ilse DeLange & JB Meijers

I spent two days in Hollands finest studio Wisseloord to record the music for the upcoming Stage Entertainment musical De Tweeling. The music is written by Ilse DeLange and JB Meijers, best known for their work as the Common Linnets. On the picture you see Ilse, drummer Leon Klaase and pianist/musical director Jeroen Sleyfer.

A Dark Reflection movie score

Another movie score by London based composer Moritz Schmittat I played and recorded the guitar parts for, this time for the movie A Dark Reflection. The Arabic vocals you can hear in the opening song are done by no one less than Khaled.

Channah – Someone

Channah’s latest single:

Movie score “Trouw met mij”

I recorded all the guitar parts for the score of the Belgian movie “Trouw met mij” or “Marry me” (international version). This included a spacy remake of the Dutch classic “Het is een nacht”, some Arabic music, some nylon string guitars and a pile of sheet music. The music is composed by London based composer [...]

Channah – This is our boat

This is a song I wrote with Channah. I also played all the instruments, produced and mixed it.

Rik Mol feat. Shirma Rouse – “Mr. Trumpet Man”

Producer Antoon Tolsma recently invited me to contribute some old school funk parts to trumpet player Rik Mol’s new single “Mr Trumpet Man”. Hollands very own soul diva Shirma Rouse is handling the vocal duties. Besides me you can also hear Antoon himself and Arie Storm playing guitar. My parts are in the left channel [...]

Sidewalk – “Of All The Things…”

This is the new single by singer-songwriter Sidewalk. I shared guitar duties with session guitarist Leendert Haaksma on this one, I played most of the electrics, he played the acoustic guitar. Besides my normal rig we also used a tiny portable Vox amp to record the slide part.

ProjectSAM’s Lumina

Last year I got to work on something really interesting. I was asked to contribute to ProjectSAM’s Lumina. Lumina is part of their highly acclaimed Symphobia series of cinematic orchestral samples. ProjectSAM’s products are being used by a some of Hollywood most in demand composers and are heard in lots of soundtracks. For Lumina we [...]