Matt Adey – Love is not a game

Matt Adey just released his new single “Love is not a game” that I co-wrote and played guitar on. It’s a good example of why it can be great to be a musician in this day and age. The main riff of the song started out as the theme of an instrumental song I wrote [...]

Duesenberg Guitars

I created and composed two custom video demo’s for Duesenberg Guitars.

Music for Drone Footage

Here’s a piece of music I composed specifically with drone footage in mind. You can license it here

Unchained Melody – Ghost, das Musical

Produced by Arjen Mensinga.

HEBE – Take Him Down

Produced by Jack van de Ven

One Taker documentary

This is a short documentary about the recording of the two One Takers albums for Blinq Music. All the songs were tracked live with the entire band in the live room of the legendary Arnold Muhren Studios in Volendam. I contributed two compositions as well.

Floris Verbeij – Bram’s Dive

I got to play guitar on this beautiful piece in the score for Bram Fischer, An Act of Defiance. Music composed by Floris Verbeij,

Karl Heortweard – Elvis Walks Home

I played guitar on the score for Elvis Walks Home. Music by Karl Heortweard.

HEBE – Tell Me

Produced by Jack van de Ven

24Kitchen Netstyling – KH Music

I got to play guitars on the new netstyling of the 24Kitchen. Music by Ward Henselmans & Jeroen Kuitenbrouwer. 24 Kitchen Netstyling 2016 from kh music on Vimeo.

Abdullah Alhussainy – Qarrart Aseeb

This was definitely one of the most exciting online collaborations I did recently. It’s a song by Egyptian singer Abdullah Alhussainy produced by Mostafa Negm and it’s the official theme song for the movie ???? ?????? – The Other Land. Produced in Cairo, with strings recorded in Sweden, vocals recorded in Switzerland and guitarparts from [...]

Rokjesdag score

Music by Floris Verbeij

Niels Geusebroek RTL Late Night

Ed Struijlaart live at Radio 2

Playing with Ed Struijlaart on the Radio 2 show Ekdom in de ochtend.

The North – “Drifting”

The second video of me and drummer Willem van der Krabben doing our live looping thing.

The North – “Close”

This is a fun collaboration with drummer Willem van der Krabben. Basically this is a live multitrack recording session with the two of us recording parts into Ableton Live that get looped as soon the recording finishes.

Tim Akkerman – Wholesome Love

A video for the track Wholesome Love made out of live and behind the scene shots.

The Wider Scope

A video I made using my new Johnny Marr Jaguar.

Tim Akkerman – One Flag

From the album “The Journey”.

Guitar Looping #23

Channah – This is our boat

This is a song I wrote with Channah. I also played all the instruments, produced and mixed it.

Tim Akkerman – The Journey theatre shows

Here’s an audience recording from a gig with Tim Akkerman & Band I thought was fun to share. The show is somewhat of an ode to the silent movies of the 1920′s. Every song we play is accompanied by a video. This is the extended guitar solo from the song Hard to the bones from [...]

Guitar Looping #22

Tim Akkerman clubtour

3voor12 posted a nice review after the first show of the current clubtour. Dutch reader can find it here: For those of you who can’t read Dutch, someone in the audience captured some of the show. Here’s a little compilation: These are the dates left on the tour: sept 12: Hedon, Zwolle sept 22: Nieuwe [...]