Matt Adey – Love is not a game

Matt Adey just released his new single “Love is not a game” that I co-wrote and played guitar on. It’s a good example of why it can be great to be a musician in this day and age. The main riff of the song started out as the theme of an instrumental song I wrote to showcase a new guitar from Duesenberg Guitars called the Caribou. Matt saw the video I made of it on YouTube and got inspired to write a song based on the main riff and the chord structure of the song.

When it got time for him to start working on his next album he teamed up with producer Chris Potter who’s known for his work with The Verve and Richard Ashcroft. They got the guys from Richard Ashcroft’s band to play on it and Matt approached me to record the guitar parts for “Love is not a game”. I really like the way this track turned out and I got to play on a couple of other tracks as well.

Drums: Geoff Dugmore
Bass: Damon Minchella
Keys: Tim Wills
Programming: Steve Sidelnyk

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