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Niels Geusebroek RTL Late Night

Wildfire Clubtour Niels Geusebroek

I’m doing a couple of dates with Dutch singer-songwriter Niels Geusebroek on his Wildfire tour:


Tim Akkerman – “This Time It’s For Real”

This is the second result of our collaboration. Tim started writing the song with Dutch songwriting legend Han Kooreneef. I later added the bridge, played all the instruments, produced and mixed it. Mastering by Jeffrey de Gans of Da Goose Music.

Ed Struijlaart live at Radio 2

Playing with Ed Struijlaart on the Radio 2 show Ekdom in de ochtend.

Hallo Bungalow

I recorded the guitar parts for the score to “Hallo Bungalow”, a Dutch movie that’s in cinemas all over the Netherlands now. The music was composed by Floris Verbeij.

With Dotan at the Millenium Festival

Last september I joined Dotan’s band on one of his last gigs of the year at the Millenium Festival substituting for his regular guitarist. Dotan is without a doubt one of the most successful Dutch artists of the last couple of years since he released his album 7 Layers in 2014. This is an audience recording of the last song of the set, his major hit “Home”.

The North – “Drifting”

The second video of me and drummer Willem van der Krabben doing our live looping thing.

I’m Still Alive Radio 2 Topsong

Tim Akkermans single “I’m Still Alive” which I produced and co-wrote has become a Radio 2 Topsong which means it will be played a lot on one of Hollands biggest radio stations.

De Tweeling Premiere

I was part of the band for the Stage Entertainment musical “De Tweeling”  which premiered to rave reviews on Oct 11, 2015. The music was written by Ilse DeLange and JB Meijers of the Common Linnets. The cast album is now on Spotify.

The North – “Close”

This is a fun collaboration with drummer Willem van der Krabben. Basically this is a live multitrack recording session with the two of us recording parts into Ableton Live that get looped as soon the recording finishes.