For me, playing music has always been about creating music. From the minute I picked up the guitar as a kid I came up with my own little riffs and songs. These days I compose instrumental music for mixed media and work as as a songwriter in collaboration with other artists on their songs or albums.

A lot of my music starts out as relatively simple guitar or piano patterns that I like to combine with atmospheric ambient textures.

By using real instruments mixed with electronics I strive for a sound that retains an organic and intimate feel yet also allows for a larger than life and 3d sound.

My music has been used in commercials and shows all over the world on networks such as History Channel, NBC, Discovery, Comedy Central, Eurosport, BBC and MTV. The song “Outlaws Of The Old West” was featured in the 2021 Bruce Willis movie “Out Of Death”, “Dustin’s Dirtbike” was used in the opening sequence of the second season of Netflix’s Tiger King.

photography by Capribee