Drawing from years of experience as a professional musician I quickly create and record parts for a song on a wide range of instruments. This allows me to build an arrangement from the ground up in very little time, keeping the process fun and exciting. Being a proficient guitar player and having decent skills on keys, bass, and percussion makes it easy to try out different arrangement ideas on the fly and hone in on the right direction for the song.

My studio is designed with exactly this in mind; all my instruments are setup around me, everything is mic’d up and ready to go.

My studio is equipped with over 25 guitars, basses and other stringed instruments, a nice vintage upright piano, lots of percussion instruments and the best pro audio equipment like PSI Audio A21 monitors and a classic Neumann U67 tube mic. The acoustics were designed and treated by Roel van Gils of

When working on a song I try to be as hands on as I can, and for those parts I can’t play myself I rely on a vast network of Holland’s finest musicians. All of whom I got to know and play with in my years as a session musician.

photography by Capribee